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Like other information sent over the Internet, audio and video files are divided into data packets. Each package contains a small part of the file, and an audio or video player in the user’s device browser receives this information stream and then performs its proper interpretation. Video streaming server, So today let’s get into the practicality of how a streaming video server actually works?


Some streaming methods use UDP (User Datagram Protocol) while others are based on TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). Both are data transport protocols, which means they are used to transmit information between networks via the Internet Protocol (IP).

What differentiates the two formats is that while TCP opens a dedicated connection to ensure that all data packets are transmitted properly, UDP delivers the information without demand for a response. Therefore, TCP is more reliable, but less fast.


How Does Video Streaming Server Work?


In streaming, speed and quality are intertwined aspects, as the user experience will never be valuable if they are not associated. Video streaming server, For example, imagine a video conference where interaction with guests is conditioned on the delivery of each bit of data.

In addition, some data packets may be lost along the way, which would further impair the quality of access and navigation.


To solve part of this problem, streaming players use buffering: they load a few seconds of stream ahead of time. Thus, video or audio is played even when the connection is momentarily interrupted. However, poorly performing connections or networks with a lot of latency also prevent the buffer from functioning properly.

Other factors slowing down the streaming process are where content is stored and server-side network congestion; Internet access problems, devices with low data processing load and low storage capacity on the client side.

Video Streaming Servers

Video Streaming Servers


Can any business have a streaming service?  


It’s a mistake to think that streaming is something that can only be done by big companies like Spotify and Netflix. Streaming service, More and more non-entertainment organizations are betting on the production of content for platforms of this type, especially after they understand the importance of providing valuable content for the access and consumption experience of their audience.

This brings the company’s customers closer, reinforces brand recognition and ensures greater audience loyalty with the company. Video streaming server, From the financial aspect, with the streaming service it is also possible to apply the recurring payment strategy , which helps to stabilize the cash flow and increase the business’s billing predictability.

With this, companies can run webinars, offer courses, create video tutorials to show the best way for their products, launch launches, run exclusive campaigns, etc. For that, however, it is necessary to invest in good servers for streaming, since the quality of the experience has a great weight in the success of the strategy.


How to check if the streaming is being done properly?

It’s no use investing in equipment for audio and video capture, material editing software and making incredible content scripts, if users have difficulty accessing your content.

Because of this, it is necessary to verify if the streaming server is adequate, since more common servers can cause stability problems and cause bad experiences for the users of the service.

The observation can be made through feedback from users who access your streaming service, for example. If many people complain about the quality of the transmission, it means that there are problems that need to be resolved.

However, you don’t need to wait for your customers’ complaints to provide the best possible access experience to your branded content. There are IT indicators that you can keep an eye on to monitor the quality of service more effectively, as well as software that can help with this monitoring.

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Another important action is to hire a server with market experience and service provision already certified by other users. Video streaming server, Look for reputable companies that have available infrastructure and resources that allow them to deliver high performance. Also, consider evaluating the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that govern service delivery prior to contract signing.


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