Dedicated Server Streaming

Dedicated Server Streaming


Hosting companies offer varied services depending on the needs of each client, for example if it is a simple website with few visits, Dedicated Server Streaming, a basic shared plan will suffice, but if it is, for example, a website that carries out transmissions of radio or videos to many people simultaneously, another configuration will be required.


And just this time we are going to that topic: Dedicated Server Streaming, we will see what they are, what they are for, the types of streaming servers that exist.


What Is Streaming?

To begin with, it is important to define what streaming is exactly. The streaming is the transmission of video or audio in real time , ie, it is the way to see or hear some kind of multimedia content (often live) without the need for files to download audio or video to your device or computer.

Normally when we want to see some video or audio we can watch it online through a website or download it to our computer to see it later if the option is available. In streaming the content is always viewed or listened to online and also live , because it is also possible to watch a video online but it is not live of course.


Streaming Dedicated Server Types 


Surely at this point you have already noticed that we are talking about video streaming and audio streaming, and that is precisely the two types of existing streaming. Streaming is obviously the transmission of a video in real time , that is, a video that people can watch live from their device.

The same thing happens with audio: audio streaming is the transmission of live audio , in such a way that people can listen to it in real time.

With this in mind we can say then that streaming hosting is divided into two: on the one hand there are the video streaming servers and on the other there are the audio streaming servers. Dedicated Server Streaming, Audio streaming is often also called radio streaming or streaming radio, since in the vast majority of cases it is used to broadcast over the Internet, although it does not necessarily have to transmit a radio program as such.

When transmitting video streaming it is important to be very clear about the quality of the content that is going to be transmitted , we must also know the approximate audience that is expected and it is also important to know how long the event will last. With these three data we can already get a basic idea of ​​how many servers could be needed for the streaming to be successful.

Dedicated Server Streaming

Dedicated Server Streaming


Dedicated Streaming Server


In some cases, a single server may be needed and in another where there is a large audience, a larger number of servers will be needed, acting as balancers to serve all the traffic in real time. Dedicated Server Streaming, In Streamingdedi, we have managed to balance up to 30GB of real-time traffic from video streaming servers, with excellent results. Of course, for this you need to have the right technology.

For video streaming it is extremely important to have a good connection on the server (it is recommended to use a line of at least 1Gbps) , as well as abundant transfer available and that the hosting uses SSD disks in the system, in addition to quality processors and a good amount of RAM. Dedicated Server Streaming, All this will help the streaming go as smoothly as possible. If you expect a large audience, it is a good idea to mount several servers in parallel to transmit.

The concept of audio streaming is quite similar to video streaming , only of course the type of content we transmit changes. By transmitting only audio, the hardware needs are much lower , in fact it is rare to see live radio stations that require more than one server, although as always this will depend largely on the audience and the quality of the transmission.

If you want to know about Audio and Video streaming in detail please see the following article:

Audio And Video Streaming Requirements


The higher the quality of the live radio transmission, the better hardware we will need, and the same the more audience we have. Radio streaming is much less demanding than video streaming in terms of hardware, but this should not be underestimated: a high-quality transmission to a large audience can demand good hardware and network.


Dedicated Server Streaming

Dedicated Server Streaming

Dedicated Server For Streaming


It is very important to clarify that not all streaming is live . Nowadays, in fact, there are many streaming platforms for series and movies such as Netflix, HBO Go and Disney +, to mention a few, that work with a non-live streaming method, that is, it is content that is stored in the servers of these platforms and that is served to users as they request it.

Something similar happens with audio streaming: audio streaming is not necessarily radio or live music streaming , since it is the case, for example, of music streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes, etc., where we can listen to songs that are stored on the servers of these platforms, in the case of a transmission that is not live.


It is important to clarify that streaming video or audio is not equivalent to downloading video or audio. Dedicated Server Streaming, When we download, we are saving a copy of a video or an audio in the memory of our device or on the hard disk of the computer, but in streaming such content is not saved, but the data is slowly sent to the browser or application as needed .

At most, this content can be stored in some cache or temporary memory of the system, but not permanently in the main memory.

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Dedicated Server Streaming

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