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The evolution of internet connections with fiber optics and 4G data has made video transmission over the internet a reality. Best streaming server, even broadcasting video in real time is possible thanks to the services of many providers, getting individuals and companies to start offering live broadcasts from web platforms.

The streaming servers is a reality that internet has become a channel of communication much more popular and important, attracting the attention of companies to advertise and promote themselves in this type of content.


What Is A Best Streaming Server


A Best streaming server, is an audio and video server that allows a broadcast over the internet in real time, where many users can connect live to watch it .

The streaming  is also used for a user to view a video from a website without downloading it, not having to be a live broadcast in that case.

Apart from video streaming  , there is also  live audio streaming that has lower technical requirements than those necessary to make the video. Despite these lower requirements, the audio quality must be very high in order to reach a large audience and retain that audience.


What Is It For And Its Types

The streaming  has become a common means of communication for both businesses and individuals. It is becoming common for many companies to organize streaming events or to present new products or services . Best streaming server, This type of event generates a great expectation in the network, and they manage to gather a large number of people achieving a great visualization. When the streaming  ends, the same video will remain available on the network, so that any user who could not attend will be able to see it or any user who wants to see it again will have it available.

The use of a streaming video server is present today in many sectors and is used by radio and TV channels, event organizers, influencers, Video bloggers, content creators, and is even used for training and video surveillance.


Best Streaming Server

Best Streaming Server

What Is Needed For A Streaming Server

To carry out a streaming broadcast, a series of devices and tools are needed:



To broadcast audio and video streaming  with a high level of quality, it is necessary to use a computer with a  large processing capacity and RAM memory. Best streaming server, In the cases of streaming  video games, very fashionable today, these hardware requirements will be even more demanding, including a high-mid-range graphics card.


Internet connection

The internet connection is essential to be able to broadcast the streaming audio and video content. The best solution is to use a fiber optic connection that today allows reaching 600 Mbps  (even symmetrically, both downstream and upstream).

If you do not have a low latency network connection and with a wide bandwidth, the streaming will  not be able to take place in optimal conditions.


Audio and video device

In streaming, video and audio are broadcast, so it is necessary to have the necessary peripherals to capture them.

Camera: Having a 4K camera is the best alternative to be able to offer video content in Full HD.

Microphone: The microphone is another important device to be able to transmit the voice without interference and with a high quality index.


Software tools

It is necessary to use specific software to be able to stream from a PC . In the market there are many alternatives for streaming, many of them free and of quality that are very popular among users, such as OBS Studio or StreamYard and if you want the best streaming servers and services, don’t forget to contact and get your own server for streaming from StreamingDedi today!

Best Streaming Server

Best Streaming Server


Server Or Streaming Platform


The best way to stream and be able to gather a large number of viewers is by using a specific streaming platform such as Twitch or YouTube itself. Best streaming server, These platforms have the hardware, software and network resources  to support the simultaneous connection of many people at the same time (even millions of people in the same broadcast).


If you use a PC and a normal connection for  streaming,  it will not be possible to support more than 5 or 6 people before the broadcast begins to suffer stops, cuts or disconnections.


With  streaming  , the way in which companies and individuals communicate is being revolutionized. With live broadcasts it is possible to reach the audience directly in order to transmit the desired message in a much more direct and close way.


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