Audio And Video Streaming Requirements

Audio And Video Streaming Requirements


Like any other data or information that is transmitted on the Internet, streaming works by dividing the audio or video into small data packets . Audio And Video Streaming Requirements, Each data packet contains a small set of data of the video or audio that is transmitted, and these packets are taken by the browser or by the application and interpreted as audio or video, showing the result on the screen in the form of a video or of smooth audio.


How does streaming data on the Internet work?


Streaming video or audio over the Internet requires better transfer protocols than, for example, text or images, which generally use TCP / IP, generally using UDP / IP, thus giving higher priority to the speed of transmission rather than reliability .

Although the most used protocol on the Internet for data transmission is TCP, the truth is that it is less useful for streaming audio and video, since it is a more complex protocol, which leads to the adoption of UDP instead.

The data transmissions via UDP are less reliable but faster , and have a higher rate of loss of data packets, however this has practically no influence for streaming, because given the large number of packets transmitted is an almost imperceptible loss for the human eye or ear when the data is converted to video or audio on our device.

The streaming multimedia content also uses a technique known as buffering. Audio And Video Streaming Requirements, Buffering basically consists of loading part of the video or audio that is being transmitted in advance, which allows the transmission to go more smoothly. If we are talking about 100% live transmissions then the buffering can only last a few seconds, however if they are non-live transmissions then the buffering can even be several minutes.


Whether the buffering is effective or not will depend in part on our network and its saturation, as well as the load on the server that makes the transmission. Audio And Video Streaming Requirements, If the server is not overloaded and our network does not have much latency or is congested we will be able to obtain an excellent buffering. On the contrary, if the server has a load or there is some problem with our network, the buffering will get worse.

Audio And Video Streaming Requirements

Audio And Video Streaming Requirements


What events or content can I transmit?


Through streaming you can transmit practically any type of event you want , just a camera, a stable Internet connection and a server (we are not referring here to a web server , but to a server as such) to be able to start, although of course, Higher quality broadcasts and larger audiences can be more complex.

So what events can be streamed? Well, what we really want: it can be from simple live talks to video game gameplays. Audio And Video Streaming Requirements, There is also the streaming of adult content, or we can broadcast simple radio programs with preloaded songs and we can also broadcast live radio. Classes, non-face-to-face events and practically anything we want can be transmitted, the truth is that in this aspect the imagination is the limit.


Audio And Video Dedicated Streaming Servers 


Some transmissions may require more complex configurations than others, everything will really depend on what we want to achieve. Audio And Video Dedicated Streaming Servers, For example, if we simply want to broadcast a live class via Zoom, then a computer, a webcam and an Internet connection will suffice, or even simpler: our cell phone or laptop with an integrated camera + an Internet connection is all that is necessary.


Of course, the better we want the transmission to be and the more public it will cover, the greater the requirements , since it is not the same to transmit a class for 20 people than to do a high-quality transmission of a conference for thousands of people around the world. world, which will require a much more complex setup, which may include professional cards, better cameras, better Internet connection, multiple servers, etc.

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Audio And Video Streaming Requirements

Audio And Video Streaming Requirements


Requirements To Mount A Streaming Server


The basic requirements to transmit through a streaming server are the following , although we reiterate, this varies depending on what we want to transmit, the quality and the audience.

For video: a device connected to the Internet, that integrates a camera or that is connected to an external camera. Optionally we can require a server, depending as always on what we want to transmit and its quality.

For audio: a device connected to the Internet. Optionally a microphone if we want to transmit our voice (for example for radio). Again, a server may be required depending on what you want to transmit.


Video Streaming Requirements


For video transmissions that do not use third-party services such as YouTube, Twitch or Zoom (to name a few), a server will be required, which will basically process the transmitted video and dispatch it to the public. In the case of video streaming, whether live or not, dedicated servers with good lines and good hardware are recommended , as well as a suitable platform. Audio And Video Dedicated Streaming Servers, The software that the server uses can vary, although some popular examples include FFmpeg and GStreamer , among others.


Audio streaming requirements


If we are talking about requirements for audio or radio transmissions then the picture changes: we will not require so much hardware. Audio And Video Streaming Requirements, In fact, if we have the appropriate software, it is possible to stream radio even in shared plans, although of course, the capacity of listeners and the quality can be quite limited, so it is recommended to do it at least in a Cloud VPS or a VPS if we expect a larger audience. Regarding the software for streaming radio servers, the popular Wowza is widely used , although there are others such as WHMSonic , LIVE + or Dacast , to mention an example.

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