Our Company

What We Do

We are an Belize-based streaming servers provider. Our mission is to supply everyone within the world an civil right to stream the sort of content they require without being harassed or censored. The services we provide are specially designed for the people and streamers who are able to share the content they need to share with the globe. we’ve got been rapidly growing to become one among the leading streaming servers providers worldwide.


What Makes Us Different

We have learned within the past how difficult it’s to search out an honest streaming servers provider. Therefore, we wish to create things differently from our peers. At StreamingDedi, we respect our clients and associates and that we always deliver what’s promised. we’ve strict policies regarding the hardware lifecycle and that we never use obsolete or out-of-date software. All of our services include a full satisfaction guarantee.


Our Promise
What We Are Striving For

We believe the net should be free and anonymous for the streamers, we respect your opinion and don’t believe that current copyright laws are made for this digital age that we currently board. we are going to only accommodates the local laws. Further, we promise to:

  • Protecting your online privacy.
  • To reply to your support tickets and emails as quickly as possible.
  • To treat a customer server as if it had been our own.
  • To be reachable, friendly & helpful all the days.